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Redefining interior spaces to enrapture refined senses

At Marano, we transform cherished homes into fascinating mindscapes. Every piece of furniture is created with dedication, an expression of our artists’ heart and mind, a showcase of talent and mastery, from conception to outcome.

Inspired by our world, created for your pleasures

Our designers draw unique inspirations from the world around us, and our artisan craftsmen lend a meticulous touch in their every skilful stitch and finish of exquisite craftsmanship. We breathe life into designs we love, bringing you luxury furniture of the finest quality.

Our Latest Collections

Explore the inner landscapes of the heart and mind with the designer collections created by our designers and craftsmen for your living and dining spaces. Each piece tells a unique story of its journey from inspiration to final product, a marvellous creation of highest quality and workmanship for your interior needs.



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Scintillating harmony of brilliance and shade
Dramatic contrast within artful designs
Aesthetic masterpieces of shadows and luminescence

Inner Landscapes

Light Illuminates Shadow Plays, Silhouettes of Resplendent Grace

The Silhouette Collection showcases the intricacies of light on dark, creating artistic impressions of mystique and beauty.

Our Brand Promise

Marano is committed to creating high end furniture that is aesthetically remarkable, of exceptional quality and in the best consideration for the environment. Our designer furniture is made with skilled craftsmanship, using the best materials and combinations for durability and environmental-friendliness, and delivered with rigorous quality control.


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