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The Silhouette collection is inspired by the aesthetics of light and shadow play, creating intricate lines and curves of mystique and beauty. From the majestic flow of rolling mountains to the exquisite patterns on paper lamps, we bring to you the harmony of brilliance and shade.
Wonder what is going to be the leading trend for interiors and designer furniture to match the design aspirations into 2023? What else can we be expecting besides sustainability and comfort? Our designers have curated five key design trends to inspire your creativity for the new year.
Want to set up a dining room to impress your guests? Learn how to choose the right dining tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces to create a truly memorable dining space for your loved ones and guests.
Looking for explicit art paintings to uplift the ambience? Learn how Marano Furniture collaborates with Multi-Award Winner Art Practitioner Valerie Ng to express her impression of the Jing and Dan characters in Peking opera in the form of art painting as part of the Colours of Peking collection launch
Wish to add a splash of theatrical luxury to your living room or dining room furniture? Consider the Colours of Peking—a flamboyant yet sublime showcase of passion and creativity. Learn how Marano Furniture was inspired by the rich colours and patterns of Peking opera to create a stunning collection for our modern times.
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