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Bar cabinets come in many different styles and sizes, and choosing the right one can be tricky. To pick the best bar cabinet for your home, office, or entertainment space, use our guide to know what to look out for.
Wondering where to buy a luxury designer sofa in Singapore? And how can you ensure that you will choose a visually pleasing, yet comfortable and long-lasting sofa? In this guide, we will show you what to look out for in a sofa’s upholstery, in order to choose a statement piece that is not only built for comfort, but built to last.
Local luxury furniture brand Marano Furniture is launching their latest collection titled “Evolution of Time”, comprising seven pieces of finely crafted luxury furniture inspired by the passage of time. The Evolution of Time collection captures the interactions between nature and time, melding them with mythological, traditional and contemporary influences. Made with exemplary craftsmanship and premium materials, the collection not only features timeless designs, but transformative pieces that will last through the ages.
Wish to organise a successful dinner party? Keen to know what the best dinner party ideas to impress your guests are? Like many things in life, hosting a dinner party is an art that requires practice. There is no surefire recipe for success, but getting your priorities in order will make a difference. Rather than turn your dinner party into an exercise in self-indulgence, seek to create a memorable experience for guests—one where they feel treasured and at ease. Whether you intend to host a dinner gathering for business associates, or a social event with friends and family, planning is essential. Are your party hosting skills rusty from months of limited mingling? Simply follow our guide to get back on track.
Singapore based luxury furniture brand MARANO Design Furniture, is launching two exquisitely designed furniture collections, paying homage to Southeast Asia’s vast and rich forests and the region’s favourite casual pastime. Launching on 19 October 2021, the Poker Fantasia and Rainforest Rhapsody collections have reimaged the elements found in a deck of cards and nature, respectively, to create a series of furniture that would fit right in any contemporary home. Exuding luxury and elegance, while emphasising whimsical creativity, MARANO Design Furniture’s latest collections are the epitome of balance and beauty for the modern homeowner.
The home is our sanctuary, our private space. A space to be ourselves and to spend quality time with our loved ones.The living room is the most frequented space in the house, thus choosing the right sofa is of utmost importance. In this article, we’ll highlight certain aspects to consider when deciding on the best sofa for you and your abode.
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