Corporate Programme

Marano Furniture is extending our services to trade associates. Backed by the same team who had acquired a wealth of experience delivering high-end furniture to the contract market worldwide for luxury boutiques. At Marano, we value novelty and originality and every piece expresses our pursuant to premium quality and support for sustainability.


Marano products are crafted for durability and intricate beauty that lasts. Our skilled craftsmen are well-experienced in novel creations and are resourceful for premium materials to create luxury furniture that spells ultimate comfort with premium finishings and is eco-friendly.


Each of our designer collections embodies design-inspired influences that prioritise novelty, originality, and exclusivity. Meticulously curated, every collection imparts distinct design inspiration and a narrative, infusing interior spaces with personality, creativity, and individuality.

Comfort & Durability

Be it a residential or commercial project to fulfil your needs for customer satisfaction and to increase product lifespan, Marano’s furniture is made with premium materials and skilful artisanry for superior durability, comfortability and ease of maintenance.

Partnership Synergy

Architect or
Interior Designer

We collaborate with architects and interior designers globally, serving the contract market for various projects such as residences, hotels, resorts, boutiques, museums, VIP rooms, and clubhouses. Join our prestigious Corporate Programme to access exclusive benefits customised to meet your professional requirements.


Our dedicated team offers expert assistance in space planning, samples, and project quotations. Whether it's a simple refurbishment or creating a unique experience for your lobbies, bars, restaurants, hotel rooms, or clubhouses, we are committed to fulfilling your project aspirations with precision and quality.


Are you keen on introducing Marano's distinctive collection of luxury furniture to your city or country? Contact us to explore partnership options and discuss how we can collaboratively elevate the design landscape in your region creating a unique experience for discerning clientele that will redefine the standards of luxury furniture.

Corporate Benefits

Unique Furniture

Each Marano’s collection is inspired by unique design concepts, enriching the interior with exclusivity, creativity, and individuality. We invite you to explore our flagship catalogue for a comprehensive overview of our signature designs…

& Design Services

For contract orders, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their desired style and requirements. Our dedicated team works diligently to fulfil customisation needs from tailored dimensions to personalised features.

3D Files &
Material Samples

To facilitate your creative process, we offer access to 3D files and material samples. These resources enable you to craft impressive proposals for your clients, showcasing the potential of our furniture in your projects.

Trade Discounts

As valued trade partners, you gain access to exclusive trade discounts across our wide product range. We appreciate your partnership and strive to offer competitive pricing that enhances the value proposition for your business.
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Rest assured that our products prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility. We carefully select materials such as E0 grade HDF, Plywood, and Veneers, which adhere to eco-friendly standards. In addition, our packaging is FSC certified, further ensuring our commitment to responsible practices. Discover more about our commitment to sustainability…

Avoid Expensive

By embracing on-order manufacturing, we eliminate stocking disparities, maintain consistent quality standards, facilitate effortless reordering, and minimise costly errors.
We also provide on-site assembly, installation, and comprehensive site management services for smooth delivery.

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    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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        If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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