Our Story

Turning Cherished Homes Into Fascinating Mindscapes.

Since time immemorial, the home has been a safe haven for those who reside within.

But this sacred space has another pivotal role. With Marano, this is where homeowners can actualise their mindscape, and bring to life their inner vision.

Born from a profound respect for exquisite craftsmanship, Marano represents the finer qualities in life. Each meticulously crafted piece is purposefully designed to bring out the inner nobility of the everyday person.

The talents and mastery of our regional designers and craftsmen are embodied within all our work. Inspiring collaborations between designers and craftsmen to create timeless masterpieces. Creative virtuosity evident in each facet; decades of dedication etched into every detail.

Marano Luxury Furniture is thus an exquisite expression of our artists’ heart and mind – cultivated inner landscapes that mirror the culture of the creators, and the personas who have inspired them.

With these timeless pieces of art, homeowners can now build the home they have envisioned. Every piece is a signature of master craftsmanship and a keen eye for aesthetic design. Marano’s furniture is set to redefine interiors – transforming cherished homes into fascinating mindscapes.

Core Values

Nurturing Relationships

Our success comes from an uplifting collaboration amongst partners and stakeholders, and an emotional connection with clients.

Inspiring Mastery

Our environment encourages and develops talents. It’s a space where craftsmen are motivated to do, and become, their best.

Embodying Nobility

Integrity and honesty guide our actions. We’re committed to doing what is best for our clients, partners and the company.

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