Homegrown Luxury Brand Marano Furniture Launches New Collection Inspired by The Flow Of Time

Discover timeless artistry with nature’s kaleidoscopic creations, the passing of an age etched in the canvas of time


SINGAPORE, 11 May 2022 — Local luxury furniture brand Marano Furniture is launching their latest collection titled “Evolution of Time”, comprising seven pieces of finely crafted luxury furniture inspired by the passage of time. The Evolution of Time collection captures the interactions between nature and time, melding them with mythological, traditional and contemporary influences. Made with exemplary craftsmanship and premium materials, the collection not only features timeless designs, but transformative pieces that will last through the ages.

Since its launch, Marano Furniture has been working directly with homeowners to create timeless luxury furniture made with quality craftsmanship to redefine their home interiors and bring their mindscapes to life. Produced on-demand, Marano Furniture’s handcrafted pieces are also one of their kind, crafted from scratch in low quantities to ensure sustainability and quality in design.

Evolution of Time


Drawing its design inspiration from different elements of earth affected by the passage of time, this luxurious collection comprises seven finely crafted furniture, featuring intricate characteristics of a volcanic lava flow, the complex interactions between the earth-moon-sun system, and the visual aesthetics of a timeworn tome. Each design fully encapsulates the artist’s expression of the evolution of time and translates it into furniture design.

MIRAN Dining Table from Marano Furniture’s “Evolution of Time” Collection

A creative play on the visuals of opening ancient books that behold historical records and mythological tales of old, the MIRAN Dining Table features a luxurious black natural marble top with rounded edges, paired with striking grains for a touch of regal elegance. Exuding an air of mediaeval nobility, the piece showcases a striking leg column composed with contrasting colours of black, gold, and dark walnut, complete in bronze hairline finish for a warm, rustic feel. Coupled with its elegant marbled top with excellent durability, the piece has a high appreciation value and is frost- and wear-resistant for long-lasting magnificence.

CARVA Bar Cabinet from Marano Furniture’s “Evolution of Time” Collection

This simple yet impressive design melds both traditional and modern elements in one. The CARVA Bar Cabinet showcases contrasting colours of black, gold, and dark walnut, reminiscent of books and ancient secrets, bound by contemporary lines and curves.

With its walnut veneer and vibrant hues, the CARVA Bar Cabinet highlights the cascades of naturally formed grain detail. Its layered motif of mountain wood grain and straight wood grain, as well as the colour gradient resembles the flowing contours of a mountain, bringing to life the inspirations of nature. The wooden handle of the cabinet also hides intricate grains, to depict the beautiful cross-section of trees, revealing a luscious interior of compartments when pulled open – perfect for displaying your exquisite bar collections.

“We created this collection with hopes of inspiring homeowners and designers to bring their interior design visions to life,” says Christopher Lim, Managing Director of Marano Furniture. “We strive to create timeless and comfortable furniture, all while nurturing the next generation of craftsmen and designers in the region. The Evolution of Time collection brings out the natural elements of home, with pieces designed to last through the ages.”

A Functional Work of Art

Carefully designed with human ergonomics in mind, Marano Furniture leverages a strong network of top fabricators and premium material suppliers to generate design ideas and bring to life the vision behind each theme-focused design. Meticulously handmade by skilled craftsmen, Marano Furniture’s design pieces are not only exquisite, but highly functional. Each piece of furniture is crafted using upholstery with sound absorbing properties, high-abrasion rated fabric and treated to be water-repellent. Crafted using sweat-resistant Nappa leather, with skillful joinery of stainless steel, Marano Furniture’s design pieces are also rust-proof and durable in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Grooming the Next Generation of Young Designers and Craftsmen

Championing under-represented young furniture designers and craftsmen in the industry, the homegrown brand helps realise their design inspirations by providing them with a platform to showcase their works on a global scale. Marano Furniture’s in-house designers and craftsmen are empowered to approach themes with flexibility, giving them the opportunity to fully express their creativity through the craft. Furthermore, Marano Furniture works directly with the region’s craftsmen, removing the middleman distributor to guarantee better value for money for consumers..

The Evolution of Time collection will be available on 19 May 2022. The collection is exclusively available for purchase at Marano Furniture’s virtual store and customers can also book an appointment to visit the showroom with the latest collections on display.

This collection adds to Marano Furniture’s luxurious Poker Fantasia collection, a sophisticated yet graceful collection that plays on the aesthetic of a deck of playing cards, and the Rainforest Rhapsody collection which takes inspiration from Southeast Asia’s vast and lush forests, reminiscent of a walk through lush paradises of nature.

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