Handcrafted Furniture Inspired by Your Star Sign: Homegrown Marano Furniture Launches Singapore’s First Astrology-Inspired Collection

SINGAPORE, 20 October 2023 – Singapore’s bespoke furniture brand, Marano Furniture announces the launch of its new Constellation Collection, featuring 13 handcrafted pieces designed in Marano’s signature avant-garde style to embody the unique characteristics of the 12 astrological signs.

As the first of its kind in Singapore, the Constellation Collection is a careful play of vibrant primaries and neutral tones, combined with bold lines and contours to showcase the breadth and depth of each astrological sign’s attributes in the form of statement pieces for modern homes.

Since 2019, Marano Furniture has been collaborating with emerging underrepresented designers across Asia to conceive groundbreaking thematic designs. Tasked to curate statement pieces inspired by their own astrological signs, the Constellation Collection presents an assemblage of artistic ingenuity that infuses symbolism, function and personality into works of art to elevate living spaces.

“A shift from our usual thematic designs, this collection takes on a more introspective approach, using a mix of striking colours and irregular shapes to create art pieces that capture the celestial imagination. Each statement piece is carefully handcrafted to seamlessly align with each individual’s personality type and home preferences – an unconventional take to Marano’s bespoke philosophy,” said Christopher Lim, Founder and Managing Director of Marano Furniture.

A Play Between Fire and Brilliance: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Above: The ARIETIS Armchair (left); LEONIS 2-Seater Sofa (middle) & SAGITTARII Coffee Table (right)

For passionate fire signs, the lavish ARIETIS Armchair adds a pop of colour to the living space, boasting a velvety silk exterior for that added touch of warmth and comfort. Likewise, the SAGITTARII Coffee Table features an irregular arrow-shaped design made from the gorgeous walnut veneer that illustrates the Sagittarius’s unwavering optimism and sense of adventure, with the LEONIS 2-Seater Sofa complementing a Leo’s confident and charismatic disposition with its magnificent mane-like velvet exterior.

A Breeze of Elegance in the Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Top: The LIBRAE Bed (Left) and Bedside Table (Right), Above: AQUARII Sideboard (Left), and GEMINORIUM Dining Chair (Right)

As the intelligent and versatile air sign, one can find a rather harmonious set-up with the LIBRAE Bed and Bedside Table combination; the cooler tones of pine green and cream white combined with luxurious top-grade cowhide evokes an air of comfort and elegance in one’s sanctuary for rest.

Curious and quirky as the Aquarius and Gemini, the AQUARII Sideboard and GEMINORIUM Dining Chair feature unorthodox shapes with pops of colour to imbue a distinctive touch of innovation into contemporary homes.

Embracing the Depths of the Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Above: CANCRII Sideboard (left), SCORPII Coffee Table (middle), PISCIUM Side Table (Right)

Encapsulating the mysterious and intense Scorpio sign is the iconic SCORPII Coffee Table. The solid black lacquered beech cradles the corrugated art glass countertop to add a misty effect reminiscent of an oil painting. The smoked oak veneer of the CANCRI Sideboard exudes a tranquil and homely quality, with its opulent golden accents capturing the Cancer’s striking sensitivities. The imaginative personality of the Pisces is also captured through the twin-fish structure and marble top of the PISCIUM Side Table, adding a hint of ethereal delight to any living space.

Bringing it Down To Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Above: The TAURI Armchair (left), VIRGINIS Dining Table (middle), and CAPRICORNI 2-Seater Sofa (right)

Alike the grounded earth signs, the VIRGINIS Dining Table is a sight to behold with its light veneer parquet and unique base mimicking a graceful skirt swaying in the breeze. The expansive TAURI Armchair and CAPRICORNI 2-seater Sofa made from Nappa leather and silk fleece respectively also reflect the Taurus’ practicality and Capricorn’s stoic dependability, with neutral primary hues to add a touch of lasting comfort and beauty.

Explore the Constellation Collection now.

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