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The MENDO Foyer Console is a stylish two-piece layer combination of a foyer console and cabinet. The console features natural luxury marble* with vivid grains in visual contrast to a simple hardwood veneer cabinet with exquisite handles of accent marble and brushed brass-capped trim. Add a touch of grandeur and romance reminiscent of ancient Rome to your living space with this lovely piece.

Sophisticated natural luxury marble* top with smooth hardwood veneer border, accented with fine decorative bronze strips inlay in hairline finish.
Seamless joinery techniques using hardwood veneer and stainless steel bronze hairline finish, reinforcing its symmetrically aesthetic presence with a touch of brilliance.

Details & Dimensions

Dimensions (cm): 140*45*85

Console: Natural luxury marble*, hardwood veneer with a horizontal grain, & bronze strips in hairline finish

Cabinet: Hardwood veneer with a horizontal grain, bronze hairline finish, & natural luxury marble* handles (Slight variation in natural wood texture will occur)

Base: Stainless steel in bronze hairline finish

Assembly: No assembly required

Care instruction: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. No chemical cleaner is allowed. 

Delivery: 10 to 12 weeks

*Read on about natural marble care

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