BODD Bar Cabinet


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Available Options

The BODD Bar Cabinet features sleek hardwood veneer and stainless steel door panels, embellished with an intricately handmade marble* handle inspired by the suit of spades. Its interior showcases sumptuous compartments lined with premium Nappa leather*, distinguished yet durable, your impeccable butler at hand.

Be charmed by its classy and delightful custom-made handle in the shape of the spade, fashioned meticulously by hand from exquisite natural marble in midnight black, a lustrous dark jewel that catches the eye.
Admire the breathtaking hand-stitched inner shelves of high-class Nappa leather* as energy-saving LED sensor lights illuminate the interior with a swing of the doors, an intuitive touch to an impeccable design.

Details & Dimensions

Dimensions (cm): 110*50*125

Cabinet: Hardwood veneer with a horizontal grain, bronze/black hairline finish, Nappa leather* & natural marble*

Base: Bronze hairline finish

Assembly: No assembly required

Care instruction: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. No chemical cleaner is allowed.

Delivery: 10 to 12 weeks

*Read on about materials care

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